03-31 2016

Semi-auto Brick Factory in Bangladesh

We already built more than 1000 brick factories in China and about 600 brick factories overseas (South Africa, Brazil, Peru, Russia, KZ, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, etc.).

03-28 2016

How to Increase the Working Life of Brick Setting Machine?

The brick setting machine ZMP is an automatic brick setting machine used for setting the grouped bricks onto the kiln car for the first and second brick setting of tunnel kiln.

03-25 2016

Vacuum Brick Extruder for Soild Bricks Production

Shuangyashan vacuum brick extruder are applicable for the production of high-rate hollow bricks & soild bricks with the materials of coal gangue, shale, high-volume fly-ash, urban construction waste, …

03-21 2016

Roller Crusher for Raw Material Handling in Brick Making Line

The GS series roller crusher is an ideal raw material handling machine mainly used to crush the raw materials such as gangue, industrial waste, clay and other materials.

03-17 2016

Development on Shuangyashan Brick Machine

Through repeated practice and innovation, we now developed the technology in brick making with coal gangue as raw material and the whole set of sintered hollow brick making with clay, shale as raw mat…

03-14 2016

Shuangyashan Clay Brick Machine in Bangladesh

Shuangyashan clay brick machine is made of high-quality international beam, which is thicker, bigger, longer and more stable than common steel material.

03-10 2016

Raw Material Analysis for Brick Machine

There are two kinds of raw material for brick making: clay and sand. The samples of them provided by buyer after testing in China have already been proved to be suitable for making bricks.

03-07 2016

Simple Operation Automatic Brick Setting Machine

Automatic brick setting machine completes the whole brick setting process automatically, and all the moves are operated by electrical control. Labor saving and simple operation.

03-03 2016

Vacuum Extruder Clay Brick Machine with Excellent Applicability

Our vacuum extruder clay brick machine is all steel double level vacuum extruder. In design and development of it, we absorbed the advanced technology of congener productions from home and abroad, and…

02-29 2016

Capacity of JKB Clay Brick Making Machine

JKB clay brick making machine is an ideal equipment with the capacity of 5,000-20,000 standard bricks/h.