Coal Gangue for Brick Making

Gangue(coal gangue) is a waste material of coal mining. Recycling of coal gangue is good way to protect environment and save production cost. Coal gangue can be as a raw material for brick making, which can greatly reduce coal gangue quantity.


The non combustion waste coal gangue is a good raw material for brick making, and the spontaneous combustion of the organic matter in coal gangue can be saving raw coal. This method is simple with less investment and wide use. Over the years, Shuangyashan gangue brick making technology and equipment has made a major breakthrough, reaching the international advanced level.

Shuangyashan Gangue Brick Machine and Production Line

A gangue brick machine refers to the equipment employed to make gangue brick from coal gangue. The core equipment for gangue brick production line is the vacuum brick extruder. Besides gangue, the raw material of gangue brick machine can also be clay, flyash, shale and industrial wastes. Gangue brick extruder made by Shuangyashan has 2 specifications, JKY and JKB with different shaping pressure.


Gangue Brick Production Line

1. Break large gangue (or shale, flyash, etc. and other raw material for brick making) into smaller material;
2. Roller screen to screen raw material;
3. Feed the coal gangue into the roller crusher for futher crushing;
4. In the double shaft mixer, gangue is fully mixed with clay and other raw material;
5. The mixture is shaped and extruded from the brick extruder;
6. Strips from the extruder are cut into adobes;
7. Brick setting by brick setting machines;
8. Transport the bricks into the drying chamber or tunnel kiln for firing;
9. Unloading and Packing of finished gangue bricks.

Shuangyashan provides fifferent solutions for different conditions and our biggest success comes from customers' success. Shuangyashan provide customers full set of brick making line equipment and support kiln system construction. Welcome to visit us!

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