Automatic Brick Setting Machine



The brick setting machine ZMP is an automatic brick setting machine used for setting the grouped bricks onto the kiln car for the first and second brick setting of tunnel kiln. Bricks can be set in vertical setting or horizontal setting in accordance with brick dimension, size of kiln car and customer’s requirements.

The auto bricks setting machine is characterized by hydraulic lift, electrical control and full automatic brick setting. The automatic brick setting machine consists of walking car, chuck, brick separation platform, lifting guide pillar, rail, hydraulic system and electrical system,etc. It completes the whole brick setting process automatically, and all the moves are operated by electrical control. Labor saving and simple operation.

Working Flow of Auto Brick Setting Machine:

1. The strips extruded from the brick machine are cut into separated brick strips by strip cutter;
2. The strips are pushed through cutting wire of the brick cutter to the transitional bed and the strips are cut into adobe bricks;
3. When the transitional bed is fully occupied, the bricks are pushed to the brick board;
4. The lift cylinder controls the chunk clamps down to reach the bricks, then lifts the clamped bricks to a certain height;
5. Chunk puts down the bricks on the tunnel kiln car for next brick drying or firing in kiln system.

Technical Parameters:


This video is a 3D animation of brick making production line of Shuangyashan Oriental Wall Material Group Co., Ltd. We can provide overall brick production line equipment and technology support.


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