Hollow Brick Production

Why Use Hollow Bricks?

As a construction material, hollow bricks are a hot wall material in the construction industry and recommonded in many countries. Hollow brick has the advantages of light weight, high strength, fewer raw material consumption, good thermal insulation and noise reduction.


Raw material of hollow brick can be clay, shale and flay ash. The hollow brick porosity should be generally above 15%. Compared with solid bricks, hollow bricks can save a lot of raw material, protecting soil resource and need less firing fuel, reducing shipping weight; reduce the labor intensity, accelerate the construction schedule; reduce the buildings weight, heightening building layers and reduce costs.

Hollow Bricks Machine

For hollow bricks making, the main equipment is a vacuum brick extruder with hollow brick molds. In Shuangyashan, you can find the hollow brick machine and hollow brick production line with different capacity (300-600t/day or customized). We provide the full set of hollow brick making equipments and kiln construction from the raw material treatment to the finished hollow bricks loading and packing.

The main hollow brick making machine includes crusher, mixer, feeder, conveyor, hollow brick extruder, brick setting machine, kiln system, destacking machine and packing machine.

How Brick Extruder

The brick extruder is a core brick machine for the hollow brick production line. It is a two-stage vacuum adobe strip extruder with high pressing and forming pressure, which is mainly used to produce clay brick strips with certain specifications. The extruder is fully automatic controlled by pneumatic or electric clutch and its reduce surface is hardened to prolong brick machine service life and generate enough pressure.


You won’t fail to find the right brick machine and brick making solutions in Shuangyashan.

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