Industrial Waste Brick Making


Industrial Waste Problems

With the advance of urbanization, construction waste is a major industrial waste which takes large useful land resource or brings badly environment pollution. It was estimated that China's existing construction waste are at least 2 billion tons. The construction waste will not only cause great pollution to the air but also affect the normal traffic travel life of the people. Without advanced technology, wastes can not be recycled.

Shuangyashan believe that there is no rubbish in the world and wastes are misplaced resources. So what we do about the industrial waste? Yes, brick making. Then what kind of industrial waste that can be used to make bricks?

1. Construction waste such as concrete, broken brick/tile, etc.
2. Mining wastes such as coal gangue, fly ash, stove ash, etc.
3. Soil such as poor soil, barren rock, lime earth, etc.

Industrial Waste Brick Machine

Industrial waste brick machine are used to make industrial waste such as construction waste, stone waste into sintered bricks. The process flow: waste crushing--mixing with fly ash or clay--aging--secondary mixing--wheel rolling--strip extruding--brick cutting--brick setting--drying and firing--finished bricks--packing.

1. Crushers: Hammer crusher, roller crusher, etc. for different material treatment.
2. Mixers: SJ mxier, pan mill, etc.
3. Feeders: Box type feeder, disc feeder, etc.
4. Brick extruders. The brick extruder is a two-stage vacuum brick strips pressing and extruding machine which is mainly used to make strips that can be cut into adobe bricks by strip cutter in the next step. The finished bricks can be solid, hollow or multi holes bricks.
5. Strip cutter
6. Adobe cutter
7. Brick setting machine. The brick setting machine is a fully automatic brick setting machine used for setting the grouped bricks onto the kiln car for the first and second brick setting of tunnel kiln. Bricks can be set in vertical or horizontal direction in accordance with brick dimension, size of kiln car and customer’s requirements.
8. Drying and kiln system. Shuangyashan has the industry’s most experienced kiln system construction engineers to provide you kiln construction and installation.
9. unloading and packing system

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